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Keeping Ports Secure

We offer a range of services to the Port and Maritime sector. We can provide advice and support to port owners and operators worldwide, taking into account the different challenges faced by ports based in different locations. It is an international requirement that all ship and port facilities meet the minimum safety criteria set out in the ISPS code, and through our services we can assess maritime facilities to ensure they are compliant with this legislation. 


Combining our risk management expertise with fully qualified Port Facility Security Officers and port operators, we can provide recommendations and advice to enable facilities to meet these security standards. We can also assist at the planning and development stage of new port facilities and upgrades to existing ports, ensuring all safety standards are being met.

On-board Security

Many criminal groups use the ocean as a conduit for illegal and potentially violent activity so it is vital to put rigorous security procedures in place. We have an unrivalled knowledge of maritime security, and our experts can assist with staff training to ensure your entire crew is aware of the risks of sailing through high risk waters.  Using a meticulous approach we will evaluate your existing on board security and formulate a comprehensive strategy to minimise the risks to business and staff safety.

Services for International Trade

We can conduct thorough audits of vessels to ensure their compliance to supply chain standards including ISO 28001 and Authorised Economic Operator status, the internationally recognised mark of security and safety for international trading. We identify areas of improvement for vessels and traders to meet these standards and then implement a plan to make sure the international trade community is operating within current security guidance. 

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