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Our Vision

To deliver pragmatic, achievable solutions to help our clients identify and mitigate their risk.

To provide our clients with the support and training to allow them to operate around the globe as safely as possible.

We see security as an enabling function and understand that the approach 


  • To help support businesses entering new markets, where the security risks they face may be higher than what they are used to. 

  • To assist companies already established around the world that need to continually adapt to the changing security environment and protect their business operations. We strive to work with our clients throughout their businesses development and support them in whatever challenges they face in order to ensure their ongoing success.

  • To support private clients and families living, working and travelling between multiple countries. 

We pride ourselves on the bespoke nature of our services and ensuring that they fit with the needs of our clients. 

Our Clients

Callida Freemont work with a variety of private individuals and corporate clients over the world in sectors from:

  • Oil & Gas

  • Private and HNW individuals and their families

  • Social Enterprise, Development Sectors, Charities and NGO's

  • Port and maritime organisations

  • Telecommunications

  • Construction

  • Insurance and Underwriters

  • Banking

We are able to specifically tailor or services in order to ensure they fit with our clients needs and assist them in achieving their business and personal objectives. We specialise in working in hostile, complex and challenging environments and have supported companies operating in West & East Africa, South America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. 

Management Team

Rob Ferrey MSc

Rob is a commercially experienced safety and security professional and former Royal Marines Captain who has demonstrated current and proven abilities in risk and security management, project management, training and planning.  Rob can effectively plan, execute, problem solve and implement complex and time critical projects.  


He has extensive experience of working in challenging and complex business environments with an ability to meet demands and deliver quality products in a timely manner.  He is academically qualified having gained an MSc in Security and Risk Management (with a merit).  Rob has worked for various clients over the last several years including; a global risk management consultancy company, an O&G company and latterly a Telecommunications company.


He is able to operate at all levels of a company, from CEO down and can tailor his skills and reasoning to suit the level of person he is engaged with. He manages both the strategic development of Callida Freemont and is active in both the Business Development and Operational side of the company.

Darren Kelly - Consultant

Darren joined the British Army in 2002 and commissioned as an Officer from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2003. He retired in 2013 as a Major.  During this time he developed his operational and strategic security planning across a range of theatres including several operational deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan.


Since leaving the Army he has worked as the Regional Manager for a London Listed (AIM) mineral exploration company working across West Africa in both Liberia and Mali.  As the strategic link to senior London based stakeholders he was solely responsible for all corporate, political and operational security matters at a regional level for both Mali and Liberia.  


He has specialised in designing operating policy and procedures to mitigate the risks presented to the running of commercial operations in hostile environment allowing the safe continuation of operations and investment. Notably this has included developing procedures for the regional Ebola epidemic in both Mali and Liberia and also the terrorist and insurgency threat in Mali to allow construction of a gold mine to continue safely.

Our Team

We have a committed team  of commercially experienced security consultants. Their broad range of experience and knowledge makes them perfectly suited to meeting our clients needs. 

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