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A Residential Security Team (RST) provides 24/7 support and presence and is ready to effectively respond to a range of threats. They operate both overtly and, at times, covertly allowing the individual and their family to go about their business and daily activities unencumbered. 

Callida Freemont are able to provide a range of services to support HNW, UHNW and private families living, working in the UK and whilst travelling abroad.  We provide these services to professional sportspeople, businessmen and women, political figures and senior executives. We undertake a thorough risk assessment and then tailor our delivery model to meet the threats faced by the individual and their family. We often use a blend of physical presence and technical surveillance to ensure our clients and their property is safe and secure around the clock. 

Our RSTs will provide a complement of services to support the client, including:

  • Home protection (whether vacant or occupied)

  • Protection whilst at work in the UK or overseas

  • Maritime security if the client is on their yacht

  • Advanced security driving and chauffeuring

  • Close protection when out in public

  • Technical sweeps (looking for hidden listening / viewing devices) and counter surveillance (to ensure the client isn’t being targeted by criminal gangs)

  • Home / office security upgrades (CCTV, alarms, panic rooms, intruder detection)

  • Ongoing risk assessments and updates

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