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Our Highly Qualified Consultants

The aim of our cyber security services is to enable our clients to protect their data and assets. Having analysed and developed robust cyber security programmes with clients across a range of industries, including finance, education, government, and pharmaceuticals, we place client confidentiality at top of our agenda and can supply consultants who have undergone the most rigorous vetting processes available.

Comprehensive Security Testing

Our approach takes three different forms: awareness, technical training and legal aspects of holding data. Our experienced consultants assess an existing cyber security strategy using gap analysis to evaluate whether it is providing effective protection against cyber threats. After identifying areas of weakness which could potentially be exploited by hackers, we formulate a unique plan based on our clients’ needs which could involve analysis, training, or a specialist consultant embedded within the organisation. 

Protecting Your Organisation

We can assist with the technical aspects of cyber security protection, including compliance with ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, IASME, and RESILIA. We advise clients on what measures need to be implemented to achieve these industry standards, and assist with developing procedures to ensure robust, long term cyber security is maintained and crucial or sensitive data is safeguarded. 


We can work with key personnel within an organisation to develop and implement a strategy, and provide training on the use of technical cyber security tools in order that they understand how to protect their own business from the risk of cyber threats, and issue cyber security advice to their own staff.

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