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Client Confidentiality is Paramount

Our investigative services are all carried out with utmost client confidentiality. Our investigators are all thoroughly vetted and comply with strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to safeguard our clients from the commercial risks of undertaking an investigation, such as negative effects to shareholder confidence, investor confidence and share price.


We offer services for either individuals or businesses, particularly those in the legal or insurance sector. Our specialist investigators have taken on cases of all sizes, from minor personal investigation cases to considerably sized international fraud investigations, so have confidence that we can deliver the results you need within a reasonable time frame. 

Due Diligence to Mitigate Future Risk

Before entering into a business acquisition, merger or partnership, use our professional investigators to undertake a due diligence case to investigate all the details of new companies or partners. Equipped with this knowledge, clients are in a position to evaluate the benefits and the costs of entering into a new agreement, and negotiate the best terms for their business. Knowing these potential risks early on can prevent pitfalls and mitigate risks to assets at a later stage in a business relationship. 

Exhaustive and Discreet Investigation

Our investigations identify and assess critical information, working in parallel with law enforcement agencies and legal counsel.  We offer services such as fraud investigations, information gathering and surveillance, all conducted with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. Many of our investigators are from an ex-police or ex-military background with many years’ experience conducting scrupulous investigations discreetly and professionally.


Our investigators compile data from several sources in order to provide clients with accurate intelligence and therefore the ability to make the right decisions at the right time. We can also assist with tracing assets and recovering them wherever possible.  

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