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The role of a close protection operative is as varied as it is challenging. As a close protection operative, you could find yourself protecting politicians, diplomats and visiting dignitaries.

Close protection operatives often need to deal with high pressure and sometimes-dangerous situations, which require in-depth knowledge and training. The demands of the job dictate that our Close protection training course covers an extremely broad range of skills.

Our accredited Highfields Level 3 International Close Protection course is designed to go above and beyond to equip learners with the knowledge and skills for those who wish to pursue a career as a close protection operative within the prestigious executive protection industry.


The content of our Close Protection Executive course has been carefully designed utilising our instructor’s extensive experience and many years working in the close protection industry, to provide one of the most in depth and comprehensive courses in the market today.

During the course learners will spend minimal time in the classroom, although there are some PowerPoint presentations you’ll have to go through, but our experienced instructors make them as fun and painless as possible. After that, it’s all outside, The course includes surveillance, driving and culminates in a 2-day final exercise, this incorporates the main roles and responsibilities expected of a close protection operative and puts them into practice.

During the course our experienced instructors will take you through:


  • Roles & responsibilities of a CPO

  • Threat & risk assessment

  • Surveillance awareness

  • Operational planning

  • Law & legislation

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Teamwork in the CP team

  • Reconnaissance

  • Walking drills

  • Route selection

  • Vehicle drills

  • Search procedures

  • Incidents & dilemmas

  • Venue security

  • Communication & conflict management skills

  • Close quarter combat

Who Should Attend

Anyone currently working or considering a career with the security industry.

This is an excellent course for those currently working within the security industry and wishing to gain further knowledge and maybe progress on the mobile security teams.

Companies which already employ close protection/mobile security teams and would like to have them trained to an internationally recognized standard, which in turn protects customers, brand reputation and profits.

How long will it take me to achieve this qualification?

This qualification is usually achieved by completing approximately 138 hours of learning.



Students are required to successfully pass the following assessments:

  • Complete a comprehensive Student Learner Workbook, where students need to demonstrate a solid theoretical understanding

  • Pass the required examination in Conflict Management by way of a multiple-choice question paper

  • Practical performance assessments throughout the course


Candidates must meet the following:

  • Be aged 18 or above

  • Be able to communicate effectively in English

  • Must be of reasonable health and fitness levels due to the nature of the course

  • Identification and proof of address (i.e. passport, drivers’ licence)

  • Should you wish to be eligible as a driver on the course then you must hold a full driving licence 



Students who successfully complete this course will be issued with a Highfields Level 3 International Certificate for Working as a close protection operative.

Note: Close protection operatives must also hold a valid First Aid at Work certificate.

Awarding bodies: Highfields.

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